New York Fashion Academy

Seattle, Washington

Upcoming Events

NYFA's 12th Annual Student Fashion Show 2016 will be held on-campus on Saturday, September 10th. Stay tuned for complete details about our model call and student designer list!

NYFA Student Fashion Show Archive

Check out some shots from our past student fashion show! Please enjoy the following video of our latest students' work by Michael Cline.

Acknowledging Our Recent Graduates:

Congratulations to Shaunn Siekawitch, on March 20, 2016; Brittany Forney, on March 20, 2016; Alina Xayavong, on September 20, 2015; Erin Harris, on September 20, 2015; Caitlyn Venema, on January 7, 2015; Marisa Rockett, on December 31, 2014; Cory Boberg, on December 31, 2014; Melody Hirsch, on December 31, 2014; Nika Danilov, on October 12, 2014; Carolyn L. Darimont, on August 25, 2013; Casey V. Sagisi, Gina M. Moorhead, and Katie B. Flynn, on May 5, 2013; Candace P. Cantaloupe and Camille S. Goodman, on September 21, 2012; Timothy T. Campbell, on June 10, 2012; Carina Carter, on November 28, 2011; Tatiana Mosley on August 24, 2011; Anna Dicklhuber and Katie Chrisman, on January 8, 2011; and Leif C. Gregerson II and Molly Griffith, on November 3, 2010


For more information, please call (206) 352-2636 or email us at