New York Fashion Academy - Certificate Program

Seattle, Washington

Certificate Program in Design and Construction

The New York Fashion Academy offers a 18-month Certificate Program in Design and Construction, providing structured training for students wishing to gain in-depth knowledge of fashion design.

The Certificate Program is for students interested in progressing through a sequence of courses towards the mastery of fashion design. Students develop their ability to produce commercial fashion designs. Students follow a prescribed sequence of major course work, select an area of minor course work, and complete a thesis project. Students are required to defend their thesis project before a faculty committee.

NYFA Advantages

The NYFA Certificate Program offers several distinct advantages over other programs. These include lower tuition, shorter completion time, the pay-as-you-go option, both day & evening classes and personalized attention. The cost of class supplies (muslin, notebooks, paper, etc.) is included with tuition for most classes. In addition NYFA offers the only comprehensive high-fashion curriculum in the Northwest.

The Academy makes every effort to provide only useful, necessary, practical information at the highest instructional levels and lowest costs possible. Our goal is to make you a profitable fashion designer.

Registration for the Certificate Program requires a letter of intent and an appointment with the Provost. For more information on the Certificate Program or to schedule an interview, call (206) 352-2636 or email us at